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Online Tech Tips are an invaluable resource for all automotive technicians: an on-demand library of Service Bulletins with the latest Installation Instructions and product tips for all our brands.

Expert Advice

Do's and Don'ts:  Piston & Piston Rings

  • Piston pins should not be hammered into pin hole
  • Piston rings should not be mounted by hand, always use a good quality ring installing tool/expander
  • While finally installing the piston & ring assembly in the cylinder, care should be taken that the ring gaps are not aligned and are at equal angles with respect to each other
  • Make sure to sufficiently lubricate the piston/ring while inserting in bore, this is required for initial lubrication
  • Use a good quality ring compressor while fitting the piston/ring in the cylinder
  • The ‘top’ marking on the ring indicates that it should be installed with ‘top’ mark towards top of the piston
  • In oil rings with springs, the spring joint should be exactly opposite to the end gap of the end gap
  • A good quality circlip plier should be used for installation, also ensure proper fitment of the circlip in one groove and keep the open end downwards in position
  • Do not check the tension of the rings by repeatedly pressing it by hand, it can easily disturb the alignment of the end gaps